City lakes to get fresh lease of life

The creation of the Lake Development Authority of Bangalore has given a fresh lease of life to the 127 lakes in the city, though the Kamakashipalya Lake has been deemed beyond redemption. In its nascent stage, the authority has set the ball rolling towards reclaiming and revitalising neglected lakes, of which 50 can be termed water bodies. Confabulation between different agencies towards meeting this rejuvenated goal is underway.

Though the State Government has earmarked Rs 50 crore for this project, little can be achieved if the problems are not addressed and nipped at the grass roots. Though the BWSSB and BDA are te big playmakers ( the ones who let our lakes degenerate in the first place through myopic and haphazard planning), it is the City Municipal Councils that have been entrusted with the task of putting things in perspective.

“the ideal situation would be that all the seven CMCs lay lateral sewage lines which could be connected to the main artery (laid Karnataka Lake Conservation and Development Authority the BWSSB) and the untreated waste directed to the Sewage Treatment Plants(STPs), Unless there is distribution of a proper sewage system, the problem will persist”.

A blueprint of a well laid-out distribution system has been provided to each of the CMCs. Even a cost estimate has been submitted.
While the CMCs cite monetary constraints, it is learnt that the State Government has cleared them to avail of loans from financial institutions. The government has also agreed to stand guarantor.

The BWSSB has entrusted Watech Wabach, an Austrian firm, to fabricate a 75mld sewage treatment plant at Mylsandra. The order is to be executed in under 18 months.

The STPs at Hebbal and Bommanahalli, executed under Norwegian aid, have gathered dust due to inadequate sewage.