About us


‘Vision is to Protect, Conserve and Rejuvenate all the lakes in Karnataka State located within the limits of all Municipal Corporations and Bangalore Development Authority or any other water bodies or la​​kes notified Karnataka Lake Conservation and Development Authority the Government from time to time’.


o   To establish a strong system of well linked lakes and tanks free from organic and chemical pollutants, and
o   To intensify official concern and motivate community vigilance to the extent where pollution and encroachment of Lakelands would become impossible.

Aims and Obj​ectives

The primary aim of the Authority is to protect, conserve and rejuvenate State’s water bodies like tanks, lakes, wet lands and their catchment areas, inlets and outlets for ensuring their long term sustenance.  The overall objective is to protect, conserve, reclaim, regenerate and restore lakes to facilitate recharge of depleting ground water. Following are the key objectives of the Authority:

  • Prevention and removal of encroachment of lake
  • Carry out environmental impact assessment studies (of lakes)
  • Undertake environmental planning a​​nd GIS mapping of lakes to build a database and atlas of lakes
  • Evolve a plan for integrated development of lakes
  • Create and improve habitat for aquatic biodiversity, water birds and aquatic plants
  • Facilitate for impounding storm water drainage system
  • Removal of siltation in lakes through appropriate soil and water conservation measures like afforestation
  • Augment  recharge of ground water aquifers and revive bore-wells
  • Undertake measures to monitor  and improve water quality, conserve lake ecology and protect them against domestic and industrial pollution
  • Launch public awareness programmes for lake conservation, preservation and protection
  • Encourage participation of communities and voluntary agencies  in protecting the water bodies
  • Promote and make evidence-based policy recommendation to government pertaining to lake conservation, preservation and rejuvenation.